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Smart eyewear is an exciting and relatively new technology that is currently being adopted by many industries who are looking for ways to make greater efficiencies in the workplace, reduce the risk of injury and save on operating costs.

Psion develop bespoke software solutions that are tailored to your business requirements. This offers many advantages over an off-the-shelf application, as it allows us to do many more things such as, connecting the eyewear to your existing software systems, setting up security controls and adding specific features. Our unique UI design also means that our software applications are easier to use than your average phone app, which means little or no training and better take up amongst staff.

Marine Industry
Realwear Smart Eyewear for military

Psion use the market leading Navigator 520 headsets which have been designed for personnel who operate in challenging or remote environments (wet, hot, cold, dusty and noisy). Our smart eyewear solution is designed to work with standard hard hats, bump caps and safety glasses. The eyewear features a high-resolution micro display that fits just below your line of sight and views like a 7” tablet. Operation is hands free, using only voice control or head movements. This means no scrolling, swiping, or tapping - just simple voice commands.

Battery life is typically 7-8 hours and field swappable for continuous use. The high-resolution modular camera can be further enhanced with a FLIR thermal capability.

Our R&D projects have been supported by the UK Space Agency, Oxford Innovation and their partners (Airbus, Ordnance Survey and Southampton University).

Military Specialists

Military personnel can benefit from smart eyewear in various ways.

Psion are the market leaders in the development of smart eyewear software for the military using the market leading Navigator 520 smart eyewear.

We are currently fielding solutions for the British Army and 26 Navies around the world. Our software applications provide enhanced situational awareness, hands free communications and access to relevant information and data. Our applications also enable service personnel to record and share media footage for evidence, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. Both the hardware and software use a modular design to enable future concept of operations. such as night vision and augmented reality displays.

Psion Vision have teamed up with the market leaders in navy navigation OSI Maritime to develop NOMAD (Naval Operations Mobile Augmented Display). NOMAD can be deployed on surface, sub-surface and soft boats and has two primary applications NOMAD Support (for engineering and logistics) and NOMAD bridge (for command and control). Together they enable ships crew to remotely access information systems and personnel across the platform.

Smart Eyewear for Military Operations

Working with Psion...

Some of the key features about Psion developments and applications

Rapid development

Our customers like that we are highly responsive, agile and flexible.

Simple user interface

The technology might be cutting-edge, but our eyewear applications are a breeze to use, requiring little or no training.

Eyewear specalists

Specialist software developer for smart industrial eyewear enabling teams to work safer and be more productive in the workplace.


Connect through WiFi and 4/5g and communicate between eyewear to eyewear or eyewear to PC. Connection over LAN.

Content Management

Manage your content via a dedicated dashboard and share media content worldwide.

Enterprise Security

Secure voice comms, document storage, and cloud access.


Fully customisable including new features, settings, security, layout and design.

Low Bandwidth

Optimised for low bandwidth. Share content over WiFi, MiFi, Cellular, and SatComs.

Our Products

Psion Apps

The RemoteAssist solution is a fully integrated platform that allows your teams and customers to be able to communicate more effectively with each other in the field; eyewear to eyewear or eyewear to PC.

Features include accessing remote experts via video calling, accessing documents (user and repair manuals, charts, schematics etc) through the eyewear, and video footage can be captured and viewed through Psion's secure cloud application anywhere in the world.

RemoteAssist is optimised for low bandwidth and is also suitable for use in challenging and extreme environments (hot, cold, wet, dust, noise and bright conditions).

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Module #1

Calling App

Instantly call your colleagues from anywhere in the world and share your video feed with remote experts to resolve issues. Other features include sharing screen content and recording sessions for subsequent viewing via our cloud application.

Module #2

Camera App

Take photo's or record videos on the eyewear and access them via our cloud application from anywhere in the world.

Module #3

File Manager

Access and view thousands of documents (operating manuals, charts, schematic diagrams) hands free on the eyewear. Open PDF files and image files using document viewer with hands-free control.


Off-grid networking

RemoteAssist can also be configured as an offline application, operating over a LAN. This configuration offers clients with no internet access or where local security restrictions prohibit the use of recording devices, a similar experience to our online version with exception that calls are made across the LAN and media recordings are stored locally.

Bespoke Solutions

Our expertise in this emerging market means that we can now offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific industries requirements.


Psion has over 30 years experience supporting the UK armed forces and have worked closely with MoD, DE&S and DSTL. We specialise in the development of innovative support solutions using smart eyewear for the military.

  • Surveillance & security
  • Inspection & maintenance - greater efficiencies and reduced support costs
  • Logistics - connect to remote systems

During our time working with the UK Ministry of Defence, Psion developed a new breed of condition-based maintenance software that is ideally suited to managing safety critical systems in the aviation industry.

  • Ground crew inspection and remote support
  • MRO - condition based activities
  • Logistics support - access to remote systems

Many of our clients work in the maritime industry and we have been working hard to develop a number of solutions for this industry.

  • Mandatory remote survey
  • Maintenance & inspection
  • Remote medical assistance

Our hardware and software solutions are ideally suited to field operatives who work remotely and who face the challenge of carrying out MRO activites at height or off ropes.

  • Planning & construction
  • Hands free inspection (record activity)
  • Maintenance with remote support

Our solutions offer greater efficiencies, improved safety, and a reduction in operating costs; all of the things that the construction industry is striving to achieve.

  • Planning - access maps, charts and schematics on site
  • Construction - remote hands free support
  • Inspection and maintenance - remote support

Psion offer a number of opportunities within the healthcare sector ranging from remote assistance where a medical practitioner has sight of a patient remotely, remote training and assessment or inspection and maintenance of medical assets.

  • Emergency response support
  • Remote hands free support in-theatre
  • Remote training in the workplace

Our applications offer a number of benefits that enhance existing workplace security, including reduced response times, secure communications and post incident reporting.

  • Remote access to cameras
  • Event management
  • Recording incidents for evidence
Marine Industry


Psion use industrial-grade, smart eyewear devices that are designed to work across all workplace environments, including those that require PPE; standard hard hats, bump caps and safety glasses.

Our devices works with our powerful software applications, each optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swiping, or tapping – just simple voice commands.

Because Psion specialise in eyewear solutions for the workplace, you can rest assured that the hardware we recommend will be more than capable for the environment you and your colleagues are working in.

Use it for remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow, mobile forms and industrial IoT data visualization

Hardware specifications

Hard wearing

Ruggedised hardware for use in the most demanding environments.

100% hands-free

Voice controlled hardware provides greater efficiencies and improved safety whilst working.


Hardware has been developed to support many commonly used international languages.

Lightweight and Portable

Purpose-built wearable computing solutions that are light-weight and comfortable.

PPE compatibble

Adapts to work with a range of standard hard hats and safety glasses.

Full-shift internal battery

Large capacity batteries that are designed to lasts a full shift.

Storage capacity

Generous internal storage capacity for all documents, images and video files.

HD Quality

High-resolution camera and screen. Crisp and smooth video playback.

Worked with and supported by...

Psion are fortunate to have worked with and also been supported by a number of industry leading companies and organisations over the years, including the following:

About Psion

Psion has its roots in the defence sector

We specialise in maintenance planning and structural integrity management, developing innovative support solutions for the UK Ministry of Defence. In 2015 the British army adopted our maintenance support philosophy for managing their major warfighting equipment's.

We also developed the world first science based structural integrity management software solution for armoured fighting vehicles, which was designed to replace the long standing and outdated scheduled based maintenance approach with one based on risk and condition. The project which ran for 8 years and was supported by DSTL is capable of determining the structural condition of the asset, it’s maintenance requirements and survivability in battle. In 2015 the Ministry of Defence successfully used the software to determine the condition of 63 Challenger 2 main battle tanks as part of the governments Strategic Defence Review.

We moved into the smart eyewear market back in early 2018 when we were sponsored by the UK space agency to develop the technology for the defence market.

Our focus on smart eyewear solutions has enabled us to work with clients across a number of sectors including maritime and aviation industry.

Fareham Innovation Centre

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Psion are based in the Fareham Innovation Centre, which is located on the longstanding Daedalus airfield site in the seaside town of Lee-on -the-Solent, in Hampshire, England.

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